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"AEG is a full service Environmental Consulting firm dedicated to finding the most efficient strategies and solutions for a wide variety of environmental situations and regulatory requirements."

- Michael Chun, General Manager / Principal

The Challenge and the Choice

In addition to the known quantities of zoning, land use and other regulations, those wishing to buy, lease, sell, or develop land face the obstacle of increasingly strict environmental laws. Federal and state regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Washington State Department of Ecology, respectively in conjunction with potential liabilities, have further complicated the way business is conducted today.

It is imperative that responsible business owners and those persons involved in commercial property transfers seek a qualified consultant to concisely illustrate the condition of a property, the origin of any problems and design the most prudent solution.

Our History

The individuals who formed Associated Environmental Group, LLC saw the need for quality environmental services in the Puget Sound area. Since 1995, AEG has expanded our consulting services to cover the entire state of Washington.

Adding granular activated carbon into carbon vessel

Adding granular activated carbon into carbon vessel

The success of AEG is derived from its' Principals combined professional experience of over 40 years in the field of environmental and geologic consulting services. AEG's expertise is built on solid knowledge of geology, environmental science, chemistry, and field conditions that govern our environment. Our services range from the investigation of hazardous waste, petroleum hydrocarbons, and solvents impacted properties to the remediation/cleanup action activities at these properties.

AEG is committed to customer service, including health and safety, regulatory compliance, and cost containment. AEG provides its clients with insight and answers to a wide variety of hazardous waste management issues and utilizes skill and state-of-the-art technology to resolve them within the bounds of federal and local regulations. We minimize cost to our clients while providing complete solutions to complex environmental problems. Associated Environmental Group is a full service environmental firm.


  • Michael Chun, R.S.A., Principal/General Manager
  • David Polivka, L.G., L.H.G., Senior Project Hydrogeologist
  • Leobardo Chaidez, R.S.A., Senior Geologist
  • Charles Cline, L.G., L.H.G., Senior Project Hydrogeologist
  • Jeffrey Wilson, R.S.A., Environmental Scientist