First Choice Gasoline

Fiberglass product distribution lines were replaced and monitoring systems have been put in place at this gasoline station.

AEG conducted a helium test on product lines associated with the First Choice retail gasoline station in order to assess the integrity of the product lines. The test indicated that the product lines have leaked. AEG provided oversight to replacement of the product lines where Interim Remedial Action and Site Characterization activities were conducted to evaluate the lateral and vertical extent of gasoline petroleum hydrocarbons impacted soil and groundwater at this facility. Petroleum contaminated soil was excavated and removed below the product lines and at adjoining dispenser islands.

Double-walled fiberglass product lines that were adjoining dispenser islands were replaced. The underground storage tank's turbines were also re-sealed with an epoxy sealant in order to upgrade the underground storage tank system.

Perched groundwater at the property seeped into the excavation trench and was pumped and stored in a 5,000-gallon capacity Baker Tank stored onsite during subsurface excavation activities.

AEG drilled and installed monitoring wells onsite and at offsite down-gradient locales due to concern regarding potential offsite migration of gasoline range petroleum hydrocarbons. Sentinel (up-gradient) monitoring wells were also installed to evaluate groundwater quality at the Site and nearby properties.

This site continues to be monitored via quarterly groundwater monitoring and sampling activities. In addition, AEG is currently working on a Cleanup Action Plan for the property.

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