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1,000's of tons of contaminated soil had to be removed form this particular site. Environmental forensic studies were also carried out.

AEG provided soil remedial cleanup action at this retail gasoline facility via excavating and removal of 1,600 tons of petroleum contaminated soil.

New double-wall fiberglass underground storage tanks were installed at the property. AEG conducted a complete remedial investigation of the property via drilling and installation of monitoring wells on site, offsite up-gradient, cross-gradient and down-gradient of the property.

Environmental forensic studies of the petroleum hydrocarbon plume was investigated via a lead isotopic study of groundwater samples collected from the Site and at up-gradient, and down-gradient monitoring wells for comparison of Pb206/Pb204 ratios and age dating of the hydrocarbon plume.

AEG also conducted a pilot soil vapor extraction study to evaluate the technology’s potential application as a remedial method for reducing residual gasoline range TPHs in petroleum hydrocarbons impacted soil on-site. For the preliminary soil vapor extraction pilot study, AEG considered the subsurface characteristics of the site including soil permeabilities and it’s subsequent relationship to the SVE gas flow rate and spacing of vapor extraction points. These considerations were tailored towards determining the efficiency and applicability of a SVE system.

AEG is still actively working with Toxic Cleanup Program Managers at the State of Washington Department of Ecology’s Voluntary Cleanup Program to remediate the Site.

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