Washington State Department of Ecology

Storage tanks above and below ground containing 1,000's of gallons of toxic chemicals had to be removed from a very challenging site.

AEG was hired by the Washington State department of Ecology to remove seven above ground storage tanks and forty 55-gallon drums of toxic chemicals from a former petroleum distribution site in Olympia. The tanks ranged from 19,000 gallons to 49,000 gallons of product and had to be characterized by phase and disposed of appropriately.

Additionally, the tanks were perched on top of a 40-foot hill that only had access from the front, which included a challenging 40-degree slope. AEG built a road to the top of the hill and developed an erosion control plan to control the resulting erosion hazard.

Phase II delineation eventually lead to remediation of the toxic chemicals. The site also involved off-site assessment and remediation services.

Website Link: www.ecology.wa.gov