Services - Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESA

A Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) involves researching a property for real or potential liability issues and focuses on identifying potential or known environmental impairments. The investigation includes visiting the property, researching government and historical records, and interviewing owners, operators, and government officials.

potential environmental concern

Potential environmental concern

The site visit includes looking for indications of stressed vegetation, surface spills, and hazardous materials from improper disposal methods. If there is a structure on-site, the structure is inspected for the presence of any potential asbestos containing material and lead-based paint.

AEG also provides vapor intrusion assessments as a Phase I ESA consideration. AEG gathers information about the conditions of the subject property and surrounding properties from topographic maps, aerial photos, well logs, U.S. Geological Surveys, and other historical data sources.

Interviews with officials and reviews of federal, state and local records, such as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCLIS), the Washington State Department of Ecology's Underground Storage Tank (UST) and leaking UST databases give insight to past uses of the property and illuminates potential environmental threats to the property from the surrounding area.

AEG evaluates the acquired information and presents a comprehensive report to the client that summarizes the environmental condition of the property and gives recommendations for any further action.